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Spirulina – The World’s First Superfood


Spirulina, the scientific name for a particular kind of blue-green algae, has been all the rage in Spirulina Powderthe supplement world for a number of years now.  Its powerful health benefits and potent nutritional value quickly earned it the label of the world’s first “Superfood”.  Let’s take a look at what makes it so special:

Spirulina Benefits

Spirulina has a wide variety of properties which make it an incredibly beneficial substance to ingest on a regular basis.  It is perhaps the most nutritious food on Earth, on a gram for gram basis; it contains more protein than red meat or chicken, all the essential amino acids necessary for life, and an almost bewildering variety of vitamins and minerals.

Spirulina Side Effects

Spirulina has been proven to be completely safe, effective, and digestible; there are virtually no known-side effects of taking it as a supplement.  It does contain natural iodine however, so if you are allergic to that substance please consult your physician before taking this supplement.

Spirulina Health Benefits

There are also numerous health conditions that taking spirulina can help address.  It is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance, it helps lower ‘bad’ cholesterol while raising ‘good’ cholesterol, reduces blood pressure, improves muscle strength and endurance, helps treat anemia, and may even help prevent the development of some forms of cancer.

Spirulina Weight Loss

Your body typically creates the sensation of hunger when it feels that you need to consume more nutrients.  By adding this supplement to your diet program, you will feel hunger cravings significantly less often, as spirulina is such a dense source of fatty acids, proteins, and other crucial nutrients.  This makes it much easier to reliably stick to your regular diet and exercise program, which will ultimately result in significant weight loss.

As you can see, the regular consumption of spirulina supplements has an enormous number of potential health benefits.  While you should always consult with your physician before making any change to your diet or exercise program, you’ll definitely want to consider adding this fantastic, all-natural superfood to your daily health regimen.


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